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Gore Metal - A Necrospective 1998​-​2015

by Exhumed

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Ted Nü-Djent
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Ted Nü-Djent Exhumed'll show you how to grind,motherfucker, you fat fuckin' cow. L'Chaim! Favorite track: Necromaniac.
Grind Magus
Grind Magus thumbnail
Grind Magus Re-recording of one of the finest goregrind album ever released.
Some parts now sounds more audible while still keeping the aggression that made the original so fucking amazing. Favorite track: Limb From Limb.
S810 thumbnail
S810 I really enjoy this "necrospective" of one of the greatest goregrind albums of all time. You can't argue with the increased sonic fidelity of this recording. It brings new light to something that was muddy and hard to get a good listen in. But it does seem to lose some of its charm; the vocals are easier to understand, which takes away from the overall ferocity of the album. Also, the buzz saw guitars are gone! The best part! But the new art is better and the vinyl looks cool in my collection. Favorite track: Limb From Limb.


Originally released in 1998 EXHUMED's now-classic debut full-length 'Gore Metal' was a boundary pushing album of absolutely filthy grinding death-metal. Everything about it was over the top--lightning fast speed, blazing guitars, b-movie slasher-film inspired lyrics, disgusting album artwork, etc etc. This was a record that made Carcass look PG. In otherwords, a true underground classic! Not content to let the album rot away, EXHUMED returned to the studio almost 2 decades later to re-record their landmark debut. The filthy fury of the original version is still there, only tightened up by years of touring and with a greatly improved recording. Presented with completely new art-work that is even more disgusting than the original! Deluxe 2CD set comes packaged with the original version of the album for the price of a single CD. Limited edition LP available!


released February 10, 2015

Relapse Records 2015


all rights reserved



Exhumed San Jose, California

Gore Fucking Metal


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Track Name: Necromaniac
Awakened by an unquenchable addiction
To walk hand in hand with death
Exhumed to transcend the walls of the coffin
And search for newly rotted flesh...

Casket crushing and dismantling the grave
With other fiends in this sadistic enclave
On draughts of blood my thirst is slaked
Underfoot the mouldy bones break

Nocturnal devestation my only aim
Dead or living, I seek out and maim
Six feet is the depth of my obsession
Adding masterpieces to my morbid collection

Corpses lay ripped limb from limb in disarray
A cadaveric splatter platter carved, hacked and flayed
Imbibing blood and alcohol ‘til vomit flows red
Then back to the grave for indignities to the dead


The naked and the dead gore whore slashed
Opened her torso after plundering her gash
A bone-fucking, pus-grinding necromaniac,
I assault the dead with this fucking gore attack

In the name of gore I violate the deceased
Rest assured that you will never rest in peace
The dust in the mausoleum will never settle
From the relentless pounding of gore fucking metal


Lead – Matt
Lead – Mike


Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!
Track Name: Open The Abscess
Intracranial inflammation tormenting my addled gray matter
Brings the pressure that builds ‘til my skulls set to shatter
The vexating, purulent ulcer that plagues the seat of my reason
Pyosisifying my seething brain while the pain keeps increasing

Unaffected by chemotherapy, the infection accelerates
Vomiting, vertigo, assailing me, as my condition deteriorates
Suppurating my sanity, as the pus and my cerebrum coalesce
We must endeavor surgery for the abscess!

Fermenting my faculties into a yellowish mass of necrosis
Liquefying my lobes give way to acute cerebro-thrombosis
This consuming malady I lament with a gangrenous consciousness cursed
Pyomorphic longitudinal fissure swells to the brim of a skull fit to burst

Purulent precentral gyrus, consumed by this affliction
Swelling, seething, distended virus, incurable by prescription
Dissect my festered intellect, operate to end my distress
A condition impossible to correct, unless...

Lead – Matt
Lead – Mike
Lead – Matt
Lead – Mike

Open the abscess!!!

This blistered, bulbous inflammation, a blight upon my brain
My mind made up of suppuration, to end this throbbing pain
Crack the cranium, lance the boil, aspirate the pus
Or let me leave this mortal coil in which I am trussed
Track Name: Postmortem Procedures
Lead fills - Matt

In the dissection of flesh and the sawing of bone
I've coaxed confessions from the lips of the dead
Postmortem scrutiny that has clinically shone
The horrifying facts that would have never been said

Unbosoming their secrets in the sickening results of their demise
Stomaching these wretched human riddles, I carve, hack and slice
Illuminating the dusty skeletons that lurk in closets, bones and entrails
Enduring the ghastly visage of death in my forensic travails

Whether in pieces or completely decomposed, I asses with clinical indifference
The remnants of a life which grisly circumstance has brought to this office
Ensuring that truth shall endure after the flesh has crumbled and rotted away
Elucidating atrocities and carnage, the thankless job I perform day after day

Persistent incisions that cut to the quick are my stock in trade
To scrutinize what remains of a life, painstaking effort will have to be made
At times both evidence and flesh are profoundly encrypted and shred
It can be murder to pry answers from the mouths of the dead

Lead - Matt

A gutted torso can pose a bevy of answerless questions to deliberate
Probing with a scalpel, I expose the morbid cavity that I now must eviscerate
Unlocking death's mysteries with my forceps, tweezers and saw
Wringing revelations from a fibula, fossa or jaw

Recording confessions that are uttered without making a sound
From informants long dead that I've culled from the ground
Beneath the pallid veil of cold flesh or enshrouded in the shredded remains of a face
Exhuming the truth is my occupation, no matter how decrepit its resting place

Within the bowels of a horribly mutilated corpse or a splattered brain
Picking apart flesh and deceit ‘til only the cold facts remain
Dead men will tell tales if you know how to listen and learn
Even when they've been stabbed, beaten, shot, hacked up and burned

This morbid quest for knowledge is not without its rewards
Much can be extrapolated from a decrepit infants gourd
My bureau's a slab, my text is a corpse, and I've studied with sincere, ardent fervor
And found that often man's inhumanity to man is all to well deserved
Track Name: Limb From Limb
Cleaving away at any extremity, from his torso his appendages are ripped
Another pass of my chainsaw, and his leg is disjoined at the hip
Cutting with my shoulder blade, his forearm I lustily seize
Bit by bit deconstructing his demise, allowing my victim no piece

Limb from limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb

Dislimbing my victims for my collection of severed and rotting keepsakes
Trophies for my room displayed in mylar on decorative platters and stakes
Once in possession of the fleshy sinewy gew gaws that I demand
Only these quadrapalegic cadavers are left to give me a hand

Limb from limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb

Taking her hand and arms and legs, she is left looking quite stumped,
Collecting the body parts that I greedily hoarde, the torso is callously dumped
Her grevious wounds spill precious ichor, upon the makeshift abatoir's floor
But the sacrifice is not made in vein, donating her arms to the poor

Limb from limb - Mercilessly taking people for an arm and a leg
Limb from limb - An unscrupulous bargain upon which you cannot reneg
Limb from limb - I have so many, but I always hanker for more
Limb from limb - At times it's impossible to get a foot in the door

Limb from limb
From limb
From limb
From limb from fucking limb
From limb
From limb

You must hand it to me as I split you at the seams
I always get a leg up on my victims, your ensanguined projections I glean
Jigsawed without hope of reassembly, I take what's yours as mine
You watch as your existence slips away, your losing it one piece at a time
Track Name: Enucleation
Fastened down and secured to the operating table
With scalpels and cutlery I will work upon your aesthetics
A most afflictive process you are made to endure
Without the solacing service of a general anasthetic

Forcibly penetrating the palpebra, I gouge and cut into the ciliary body
Severing the nerve, your eye is knocked from its orbit, as you can plainly see

Dissatisfied with your over all being, I formulate a plan of operation
A large incision into the abdomen is made, To perform general enucleation

I give you an appendectomy
Removing organs unnecessary
A spare kidney is excised
In pain you writhe

I slice the renal artery
Digestive tract dislocation
Subjected to enucleation

With monocular vision you can now regard
The constituents of your gut I have displaced
Depurating the shell, your thorax beautifully carved
Your abdomen now a barren landscape

Fracturing the rib cage with a raspatory
As your gullet is gorged with sanguineous muco-sputter
Not yet complete curtailing your anatomy
I delve to the heart of the matter

Rhythm lead – Matt
Lead – Matt
Lead – Mike
Lead – Matt
Lead – Mike

Exhuming your entrails
Discarded organs grow stale
Severing the ventricle
Your heart I cull

I slice the renal artery
Digestive tract dislocation
Subjected to enucleation
Track Name: Casketkrusher
Tombstones trampled in my wake, as I see to a matter quite grave
The earth is turned as my claim is staked, besoiling my pickaxe, trowel and stave
Caskets pounded and splintered until they bust, flesh, bone and casket give way
It smashes to ashes, crushed to dust, Shattering the decrepit grip of decay

Decrypt, casket crusher
Defile, casket crusher
Destroy, casket crusher
Decrypt, casket crusher
Defile, casket crusher
Destroy, casket crusher
Crush, fucking casket crusher

Disinterred from the soil, To bludgeon, trash and wreck
This rotted mortal coil, Wrapped tight around your neck
The seal is shattered in one fell blow, The splintering wood crumbling in shards
Driven into the stiff decaying below, The rigors of death can be hard

Decrypt, casket crusher
Defile, casket crusher
Destroy, casket crusher
Decrypt, casket crusher
Defile, casket crusher
Destroy, casket crusher
Crush, fucking casket crusher

Lead - Mike
Lead - Matt

When falls the hammer into the grave, So to will the thorax collapse
Inward the ribcage and sternum doth cave, Heart, lungs and aorta prolapse
Shattered sarcophagus driven through your groin, Skewered anus now in shreds
Shards of pine pierce your rotten loins, So utterly fucking dead

Decrypt, casket crusher
Defile, casket crusher
Destroy, casket crusher
Decrypt, casket crusher
Defile, casket crusher
Destroy, casket crusher
Crush, fucking casket crusher
Track Name: Deathmask
A sombre study in an ashen shade of grey
The haunting eyes of the lifeless not yet rotten
Embalming fluid stave off incursive decay
Chemicals course through passages that life has forgotten
Preservatives bubble and fume shades of jaundice and amber
Sequestered alone in my embalming chamber
Unknowing, unseeing, and laid spread-eagle on the slab
A lackluster piece of meat I polish, scrub, and swab

Meticulously grooming and brushing, clipping with care
Each detail is attended to as I drag a comb through the hair
I beautify the blemished face of the deceased
In the hopes that the bereaved will be somewhat at peace

Somewhat at peace

This is my endeavour of dubious merit
My morbid application of sleight of hand
A charlatan for the mourning and timid
A touch up artist for the dead, gone, and bland

To sanitize the ghastly countenance of death
Whose true rigors are best left unseen
Powders, puffs, and chemicals are all that is left
A corpse made to strut, prance, and preen

Romanticizing rigor mortis, and death be not vain
Caked with layers of powder, toner, and deceit
I vomit on the floor at the leering, smiling face
Leaving the deception not yet fully complete

My make-up kit now callously discarded
No more use for toners, blushes, and rouge
Extracting the tools of dissection
Forceps, scalpels, and pins I eagerly peruse

A sanguinary frenzy now ensues
Carving, rending, and generally making a mess
Carbonated embalming fluid foams from vacant eyesockets
Splattering and sullying your sunday best

Ineptly mangled and randomly remade
Taking a stab at plastic surgery on human remains
Weaving a wretched, fleshy tapestry of gore
A collage of tongue, skin, blood, sinew, and brain

Your face stricken with total disfiguration
The dignity of death now cruelly erased
Somewhat innappropriately dressed for the somber occasion
No pretense remains as you're sent off to your wake
Track Name: In My Human Slaughterhouse
By night I return to the storage shed
Anxious to catch a glimpse of the dead
Nervously, I unbolt the door
Making my way into this abatoir

Hot air rushes out the aperture
A putrid gust of flattus and methane
Inhaling the rotting fumes as I choke
Hit by a wave of nausea I try to restrain

At last I regard the bloated stiffs
Terribly dislimbed and deceased
My plumpened prizes now swollen by putrefaction
A makeshift mortuary for the obese

Their corpulence exceeded solely
By the foulness of their smell
Their girth only expanded upon in death
The fleshy carcasses bloat and swell

Lead - Matt

Postmortem hypertrophy plagues the hefty cadavers
Their portly bodies now thoroughly dead
The incessant buzzing of insects as necrovores slaver
Fills the tepid chamber whose walls I've stained red

I hacked through their layers of blubbering fat
Some were gutted, some punctured, some razed
When I finished I found them decidedly flat,
If not yet dead, then at least bleeding and dazed

In this dingy shack I had left them to rot
And then departed the undignified scene
The makeshift crypt they inhabit now fetid and hot
The curdling innards turned a sickly shade of green
Track Name: Sepulchral Slaughter
From deep in the vault comes the sound of flesh cleaving
Limbs are sawed off as mourners are bereaving
Sarcophagi splattered with offal and bile
Tripe drips down the walls of this crypt now defiled

Sepulchral slaughter

Slaughter my meal with sublime expertise
A mad butcher quite adept at my trade
Organs ground to pulp, to serve, chew and gulp
Now on my block your head is laid
Slaughtering the deadstock I chop
Fromaldehyde oozes on the floor
Mangled limbs are hacked ‘til they drop
Leaving nothing but pure rotten gore

The blade is sawing the flesh that's for gnawing
Tender morsels of this human entrée
The saw that is slicing my meal so enticing
Is a tool that I've used to slay

Lead – Matt

Sepulchral Slaughter

The crumbling casket now conatins
Just graven gore and splattered remains
Intestines strewn throughout the site
A grisly massacre, the last fucking rite

Lead – Matt
Lead – Mike
Track Name: Vagitarian II
Admiring the syphilitic visage, of the pustule ridden genitals that I adore
Oozing sebum and pus dribbling on the labia, leaves me panting for more

Vaginal excrements fume and funk, the stench of festering menstrual discharge
The wafting odor tortues my nasal passage, the glistening cunt wet with blood

A crust ridden musty flap of lust suffering, from severe dermatological disorder
The sanguined slit lined with papules, And genital warts along its fleshy borders

Licking the sickening twat
The foul stench of the blistering crotch
Drinking the menstruated slop
Delight in each pustular drop

Passing blood clots
Eating crotch rot
Septic blood and pus
Consume the runny crust
Urine flows out of the slit
Piss washes over the clit
Taste the blood and piss
Nothing compares to this

My face fully buried within
The pubic mound of grime and warts
Voraciously lapping up excrements
Of every sordid type and nauseating sort

The atrocious nauseating odour, proves too strong to resist in the end
The nauseating fumes overwhelm me, as I vomit into the moist pungent gash

Regurgitate onto the cunt
Puke on the gore ridden slut
Drunk off the urine flow
I bathe in the afterglow
Track Name: Blazing Corpse
Consumption of flesh as dead tissue is uncreated
Rancid smoke effervesces as your torpid corpse is cremated
Another inert mutilated mess is sent up in flames
An expedient way to obscure the facts, figures and names

Flames unmake flesh and bone as all semblance of life is erased
Ensuring ashen anonymity for my dusty victims untraced
Bellows belch forth the stench of roasted human game
As the torso is engulfed in a torrid rush of flame

Human kindling to burn
And then scrape into urns
Burnt to a crisp
Another name scratched from my list

After fulfillment of the sadistic whims to which I aspire
Their existence is expunged in the searing burst of fire
As other truncated stiffs await the flames in a torpor
My nose is beset with the reek of blazing corpses

Rhythm Lead - Harvey

Entrails eradicated by the scorching furnace blast
The blistering temperature leaves you a thing of the past
Sweltering in incandescence as you blister, boil and reek
Seething in flames as your complexion turns ashen gray and bleak

Beyond recognition your liquefacted body is now molten slag
Your charbroiled remans are scraped up in ziploc body bags
Nothing to mark your birth, life or death
Smelted, scalded and singed until there's none of you left

Human broiler pan
As flames I fan
Cremated husk
Return to dust
Track Name: Deadest Of The Dead
In the deadest of nights I perform a graveside disservice
Disinhuming the remains of those who I deem to deserve this
A corpse dead to rights will undergo this rigorous trashing
Selecting the tomb of the poor stiff that tonight I will be thrashing

Exhumed from the shelter of earth's dusty embrace for a morbid curiosity
Then abruptly dismembered without compunction, just pure feriocity

Consumed and left to welter
In shredded entrails and long dessciated pus
Wiping the dirt from my hands
As I walk from the grave that I've trampled to dust

Caskets uprooted, mausoleums stained red
Riding high six feet deep amongst the deadest of the dead
A tombstone is the sole mute witness
To necro-attrocities as I endeavor to split this

Corpse in half, stricken by my wrath - The carcass is maimed
Cleft by pick-axe, halved, quartered and smashed - The gravesite's in flames
Culled from the reams of obituaries deep in the cemetery - I torment the entombed
The dead should be wary of the grudges I carry - Deep into the gloom

Riding high six feet under
Inhale the stench of my nocturnal plunder
I'll never find piece in a cold, hard death bed
Until I have found the deadest of the dead

Lead - Harvey

Your insipid epitaph rots, in the dead-letter file
A necrophile's smile beguiles, your remains thus defiled

The decrepit laughter echoes, in the now vacant burial plot
Decayed, dead and decomposed, but in peace you'll never rot

Piss on the unholy grave, torso carved and depraved
Now gone the way of all flesh to give me this day my daily death
The next to fall prey to my sepulchural slaughter
Another dead festering corpse whose demise has at last brought her

Under the blade, she's carved up and flayed - Body dismembered
No respects paid, I hack up the slayed - Who no one remembers
Chainsaw fucked to the hilt, her guts have all spilled - I destroy the interred
One foot in the grave, by the casket enslaved - I'm an unholy terror

Riding high six feet down
Finding my niche in a hole in the ground
One step over the dead-line I tread
In this graveyard of stiffs
I am the deadest of the dead!

Lead - Mike

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